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Google Glass

Nike+ Running Prototype

An example of attempting to apply new technology to an existing brand to create new values.

Prototyping Nike+ Running for Google Glass in 2014 was our attempt to validate the Nike+ Running experience wearing Google Glass, a new technology all early adopters wanted to get their hands on at the time.


Nike FuelBand became the coolest wearable to sport after its release in 2012. But what if you can capture snapshots every quarter of a mile and draw the map of your run?


We built a working prototype and installed it on Google Glass, which did exactly that. We then handed the prototype to our Nike client in Portland to wear it and test running with it on campus.


Even though the prototype app was flawless, running with Google Glass on was just not a comfortable form of running. The battery on one side was heavier than the other side, heating up over your ear as you ran.


Still, it was one of the coolest prototypes I ever built. It was built in Java using Android Studio.

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